Indeed, women are reaching for hair oils more willingly than they did a few years ago. Without a doubt, natural oils have become well-liked cosmetics. What does their widespread phenomenon depend on? Probably, it is all about the versatility of their performance, effects that are noticeable quickly, simplicity of application and their natural composition. What is more, hair oils are often applied as products that complement day-to-day care. What is more, oils are used eagerly for home treatments which aim is to nourish and strengthen damaged hair. We are talking here about two basic methods in particular. The first one, Hair Oil Treatment, depends on applying an oil that matches scalp, hair porosity level and individual needs of women. The second method, L.O.C., is a way of washing hair with an oil, then with a shampoo and then again with an oil (or a conditioner).

Nowadays, there are plenty of cosmetic oils we can pick and choose from. The ranking below presents characteristics of the most popular hair oils on the market currently. The participants, we invited, were women who value healthy and beautiful look of theirs. Each of them got a product responsible for improving strands’ condition, reinforcing hair bulbs and nourishing scalp. All their observations concerning effects, application, consistency and other features of a cosmetic were collected and presented in the ranking. The description of each oil is summarized with the final assessment and short conclusion given by all the women who took part in the test.

Ranking of 15 Top Hair Oils

Nanoil Hair Oil

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Nanoil hair oil, regardless the type of hair it’s destined for (low porosity, medium porosity, high porosity), effectively takes care of the strands and the scalp of each of us. Thanks to this beauty product, your hair will again become stronger, prettier and healthier.... »

Kerastase Ultime Elixir

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Kerastase Ultime Elixir is recommended for nourishing each hair type, including hard to tame strands. Thanks to the cosmetic, hair becomes manageable, prone to set and easier to comb. Moreover, the product smooths, nourishes and provides moisture to distressed hair. It protects against action of... »

Nanoil Argan Oil

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Unrefined and cold-pressed Nanoil Argan Oil serves well to boost hair appearance no matter the hair porosity type. However, despite being so versatile, it’s the weakened and damaged hair that benefits most from being exposed to this oil’s action. Just like every natural oil, argan oil is... »

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Redken Diamond Oil is recommended for rebuilding and nourishing damaged and weakened hair. It provides moisture, smoothing and shine. Besides all of these, the product facilitates combing, protects against working of hot air, and tames unruly hair. It helps with setting hairdos... »

Nanoil Castor Oil

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Definitely, the most popular hair care oil is castor oil, especially Nanoil Castor Oil: cold-pressed, unrefined and incredibly effective. It takes care of hair by affecting the roots and strengthening strands, preventing excessive hair loss and accelerating its growth. This is the finest oil displaying hair-boosting... »

Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment is designed to condition each hair type, especially fine, weak and delicate strands. It has regenerative and reinforcing action. The product can be used for heat styling since it protects hair against high temperature. What is more, the... »


HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. The most important task of GOLDWELL Elixir’s is regeneration of damaged strands. Thanks to the product, hair will be no longer dry, weakened, damaged nor dull. Moreover, the cosmetic has moistening, smoothing and strengthening action. It protects strands during heat styling, frequent... »

Kemon Bellessere

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Kemon Bellessere oil is recommended for conditioning all hair types. Owning to the light formula, the product neither clumps hair together nor weights hair down. It has regenerative, nourishing and protective action. Therefore, it can be used for hot-air hair styling, for... »

Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Although sweet almond oil works best in face and body care, it also improves state of hair – it has rejuvenating and beautifying effects. Regular application of the highest quality Sweet Almond Oil by Nanoil is the fastest way to intensify hair colour and shine as... »

KHADI Vitalising Hair Oil

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. KHADI Vitalising Hair Oil is designed for damaged, prone to falling out and brittle hair care. The key function of the product is to accelerate hair growth and affect its density (make hair thicker). What is more, the product counteracts premature greying... »

L'Oréal Mythic Oil

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. L’Oréal Mythic Oil is designed to each hair type care. Its basic action can be described as: nourishment, lightening up and bringing help with taming unruly hair. Moreover, the cosmetic does not weight hair down nor clump it together because of its... »

Davines Ol Oil

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Davines OI Oil is recommended for each hair type care. The cosmetic can be also used for hair styling and setting unruly hair. Additionally, the product facilitates combing and accelerates blow-drying time. It contains anti-free radical action, protects from solar radiation, low... »

Castor Oil Hollywood Beauty

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Castor Oil Hollywood Beauty is designed to take care of all hair types, including weakened, fine and the one prone to falling out. If applied regularly, it accelerates hair growth, strengthens hair bulbs and improves condition of scalp. Throughout a month, it... »

Dove Advanced Hair

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Dove Advanced Hair oil is recommended to all hair types. It has nourishing and moistening action. Additionally, it is able to make hair glossy. What is more, the cosmetic regenerates damaged and dehydrated hair along with its ends. It protects hair and... »


HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Orofluido oil is designed for all hair types’ care. It protects strands and scalp against working of solar radiation, low temperatures, salty seawater, and other factors deriving from the external environment. Moreover, the cosmetic has moistening, regenerative and strengthening action. It can... »