Castor Oil Hollywood Beauty

  • Effectiveness - 4/10
  • Speed - 3/10
  • Components - 3/10
  • Quality - 4/10
  • Price - 7/10

olejek do włosów

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Castor Oil Hollywood Beauty is designed to take care of all hair types, including weakened, fine and the one prone to falling out. If applied regularly, it accelerates hair growth, strengthens hair bulbs and improves condition of scalp. Throughout a month, it is possible for strands to become a few centimetres longer. Moreover, the cosmetic moistures, smooths and softens hair. Such effects are possible due to action of nourishing substances which penetrate to deeper skin layers also reaching hair bulbs.

Furthermore, the product limits hair loss and sebum production as it counteracts dandruff and split ends.

Castor Oil Hollywood Beauty contains several natural ingredients. To clarify, they are castor oil that facilitates hair growth, moistening jojoba oil, E vitamin that is a natural antioxidant, conditioning safflower oil, easing aloe extract, nourishing almond oil as well as lanoline and coca butter.

APPLICATION. Castor Oil Hollywood Beauty is the only product included into this ranking that must be applied to scalp instead to hair. After all, it is used for speeding up hair growth. Gloss and nourishment are perceived as the indirect, yet positive, effects. How should the product be applied? In short, just small amount of the cosmetic has to be massaged into scalp. The product must not be put on hair because this may lead to dehydration and irritation. What is more, it is advised against applying too excessive amounts of the cosmetic at once since this may cause greasy hair and scalp.

RUNDOWN. Castor Oil Hollywood Beauty is closed in a jar of 213 grams capacity. It is described as a very efficient product because it holds out up to one year. Additionally, a single application requires just small amount of the product to be used. The oil has delicate fragrance and dense consistency. It is one of the hair caring cosmetics that accomplishes its tasks as expected.