• Effectiveness - 4/10
  • Speed - 3/10
  • Components - 3/10
  • Quality - 3/10
  • Price - 6/10

olejek do włosów

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Orofluido oil is designed for all hair types’ care. It protects strands and scalp against working of solar radiation, low temperatures, salty seawater, and other factors deriving from the external environment. Moreover, the cosmetic has moistening, regenerative and strengthening action. It can be applied for salon hair procedures, including heat styling (curls, blow drying, straightening). Moreover, the cosmetic protects hair ends against splitting and moisture loss. The oil has light formula which keeps hair away from clumping and being weighted down.

Orofluido has rich composition that is composed of argan oil, cyperus oil and linseed oil. All the substances provide nourishment and regeneration, smoothing and softening as well as protective and anti-free radical action.

Moreover, the ingredients take care of not only hair but also scalp and hair bulbs.

APPLICATION. Orofluido can be applied to wet and dry hair. Just small amount of the cosmetic is enough to smooth, nourish and provide gloss to strands. Application to wet hair speeds up blow-drying time and combing whereas application to dry hair prevents tangling, tames unruly hair and conditions split ends. If the product gets into eyes, it is suggested rinsing them with great amount of fresh water.

RUNDOWN. Orofluido is closed in a beautiful, decorated with oriental patterns bottle of 100 ml capacity. The cosmetic is also available in smaller version of 25 ml. The package does not go with any applicator, therefore, the cosmetic has to be poured on the palm of a hand straight from the bottle. What is more, Orofluido has dark yellow colour and vanilla fragrance.