Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment

  • Effectiveness - 7/10
  • Speed - 7/10
  • Components - 6/10
  • Quality - 7/10
  • Price - 6/10

olejek do włosówHAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment is designed to condition each hair type, especially fine, weak and delicate strands. It has regenerative and reinforcing action. The product can be used for heat styling since it protects hair against high temperature. What is more, the cosmetics gifts hair with shine, moistures and nourishes. It reinforces hair bulbs, counteracts hair loss and its brittleness. This blue-labelled cosmetic rebuilds damaged strands and protects them against mechanical and chemical damages. Before the treatment begins, hair was weak and easy to break. With every single application the strands were becoming stronger and stronger (hair ends became fixed and hair cuticle closed).

Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment contains several precious ingredients.

Among others, these are two oils – argan and linseed. Argan oil is a natural anti-oxidant since it protects hair and scalp against free radicals, slows down ageing processes, enables faster regeneration of the skin cells as it prevents premature greying. Linseed oil gifts hair with shine, softens and rebuilds natural lipid barrier. The product does not contain any artificial substances, including parabens.

APPLICATION. Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment can be applied to both dry and wet hair equally. When applied to dry hair, it tames unruly hair, protects hair ends against splitting, and adds shine. When put on wet hair, which has been precisely washed and cleansed before, the oil facilitates combing and shortens blow-drying time. What is interesting, the oil can be combined with favourite conditioner or hair mask in order to make the process of hair pampering better. What is more, the cosmetic can be mixed with a hair dye to make the colour more intensive and help it stay true longer.

RUNDOWN. Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment performs as expected. The application can be perceived as difficult because of no applicator attached. The product is available in two capacity versions – 25 ml and 100 ml. It has deep yellow colour and pleasant fragrance.