KHADI Vitalising Hair Oil

  • Effectiveness - 5/10
  • Speed - 4/10
  • Components - 7/10
  • Quality - 5/10
  • Price - 6/10

olejek do włosówHAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. KHADI Vitalising Hair Oil is designed for damaged, prone to falling out and brittle hair care. The key function of the product is to accelerate hair growth and affect its density (make hair thicker). What is more, the product counteracts premature greying of strands and excessive hair loss. It reinforces hair bulbs by prolonging their life cycle. Vitalising Hair Oil counteracts dandruff, greasy scalp and other skin ailments. Thanks to the oil, hair becomes healthy and strong. What is surprising, during the treatment, the growth of baby hair is obviously noticeable. Additionally, the cosmetic makes hair darker, helps with styling, softens and makes strands glossy.

The product can be also used to regenerate split ends.

KHADI Vitalising Hair Oil contains plenty of nourishing and caring substances. Among them, we can find sesame, coconut, castor, rosemary and carrot seed oils. The cosmetic also includes a few Indian herbs which aim is to restore gloss and provide reinforcement, regeneration and flexibility to strands. All the elements of KHADI Vitalising Hair Oil composition are 100% natural – they come from eco-friendly cultivation.

APPLICATION. KHADI Vitalising Hair Oil can be applied two or three times per week – treatment conducted in this way will generate the best outcomes possible. The cosmetic should be put on scalp in two hours before shampooing. Just one spoon of the product has to be massaged into scalp, right at roots. Additionally, it is suggested giving a short massage to scalp, which will strengthen hair bulbs and accelerate blood circulation.

RUNDOWN. KHADI Vitalising Hair Oil is closed in a 100 ml bottle that feature a dropper. Application is not only banal but also does not occupy much time. The product is absorbed the moment applied. The cosmetic has pale yellow colour and herbal fragrance. The package holds out for a several-month treatment. The oil was not tested on animals.