Davines Ol Oil

  • Effectiveness - 6/10
  • Speed - 3/10
  • Components - 4/10
  • Quality - 3/10
  • Price - 7/10

olejek do włosów

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Davines OI Oil is recommended for each hair type care. The cosmetic can be also used for hair styling and setting unruly hair. Additionally, the product facilitates combing and accelerates blow-drying time. It contains anti-free radical action, protects from solar radiation, low temperatures and other aggressive factors deriving from the external environment. Moreover, the oil provides gloss, moisture and smooths hair as it makes them look more beautiful and healthier day after day.

Davines OI Oil contains substances that condition and nourish hair. The same ingredients are responsible for speeding up transportation of active substances. These are roucou oil and silicone oils. The first ingredient has protective and hair elasticating action.

On the other hand, silicone oils help the nourishing substances with penetrating into hair structure quicker to take better care of inner hair structure.

APPLICATION. Just a few drops of Davines OI Oil are enough to take an ultimate care of hair and scalp. The cosmetic has to be warmed up in hands and applied to either dry or wet strands. The product should be put on mid-lengths, focusing mainly on split ends. The amount of the dosages depends on the scalp type, length of hair, its porosity level and level of damage. Basicaly, the cosmetic can be used only to make combing and blow-drying faster.

RUNDOWN. Davines OI Oil is closed in a 135 ml bottle that goes with an easy-to-wield pump. One package holds out for almost two years even if applied regularly. What is interesting, the bottle the oil is stored in, is made of eco-friendly material. The cosmetic has pale yellow colour and vanilla fragrance. It is absorbed quickly, which makes nourishing of scalp and hair more effective.