Dove Advanced Hair

  • Effectiveness - 5/10
  • Speed - 3/10
  • Components - 3/10
  • Quality - 3/10
  • Price - 7/10

olejek do włosów

HAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. Dove Advanced Hair oil is recommended to all hair types. It has nourishing and moistening action. Additionally, it is able to make hair glossy. What is more, the cosmetic regenerates damaged and dehydrated hair along with its ends. It protects hair and scalp against harmful action of solar radiation, free radicals, and impurities deriving from the external environment. Moreover, the product makes combing and blow-drying, styling, and setting of hair easier. Finally, the product is able to prevent frizz and static.

Dove Advanced Hair oil is made of the ingredients like macadamia oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and pomegranate seed oil. The aim of these substances is nourishment, moistening and providing care to hair, scalp, and hair bulbs.

The oil contains lubricating substance – mineral oil (paraffin).

APPLICATION. Dove Advanced Hair might be applied to wet and dry hair. Three or four portions of the cosmetic have to be distributed to hair and then massaged into it. This method of application does not only make combing easier but also accelerates blow-drying time. As mentioned before, the cosmetic can be applied to dry hair to be shampooed after 30 minutes. When applied to dry strands, the oil provides gloss and smoothness. The cosmetic can be also added to a hair mask or a conditioner to enhance action of both products.

RUNDOWN. Dove Advanced Hair is closed in a 100 ml bottle. The pump the bottle goes with makes it easier to distribute even dosages of the product. A single package holds out for several months of use. The product has slightly sweet fragrance that is not irritating. The oil is colourless.