• Effectiveness - 7/10
  • Speed - 5/10
  • Components - 5/10
  • Quality - 6/10
  • Price - 7/10

olejek do włosówHAIR – BEFORE AND AFTER. The most important task of GOLDWELL Elixir’s is regeneration of damaged strands. Thanks to the product, hair will be no longer dry, weakened, damaged nor dull. Moreover, the cosmetic has moistening, smoothing and strengthening action. It protects strands during heat styling, frequent dyeing or exposing hair to various salon hair procedures. Additionally, the product protects hair ends against splitting and moisture loss. This golden elixir reinforces hair bulbs and eases possible irritations which might develop on scalp.

GOLDWELL Elixir contains two ingredients due to which hair becomes healthier and more beautiful. And these are argan oil and tamanu oil. The first one is rich in minerals, fatty acids and vitamins. These substances are responsible for providing deep nourishment, strengthening and care to hair. The second ingredient, tamanu oil, has regenerative action.

It can be used as a product contributing treatment against scalp ailments.

APPLICATION. There are two manners of GOLDWELL Elixir use. When applied to wet hair, combing is eased and blow-drying time is speeded up. When put on dry hair, the product gifts hair with shine, protects hair ends, and prevents static. Furthermore, the oil can be used as a hairdo-fixing product or a cosmetic responsible for making styling easier. One bottle holds out for approximately three months of everyday use.

RUNDOWN. The greatest advantage of GOLDWELL Elixir is the possibility of applying it to all hair types. The application itself is easy because of the dropper the 100-mililitre bottle features. What is more, the cosmetic has pleasant flavour and is colourless. The product is dedicated to women.